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Whole-Body Wellness at ShechterCare®

The Origins

Two Decades of Dedication and a Vision of Empowerment

Cynthia Shechter's business owning journey in the field of lymphedema care began over 10 years ago in New York City, in Midtown Manhattan, on Madison Ave , setting the foundation for her innovative approach to patient care. Four years ago, she brought her expertise and compassionate philosophy to Emerson, New Jersey, founding ShechterCare®. This venture was driven by her longstanding desire to empower patients, focusing on what they can do, not just on their limitations. In 2023, she was recognized for her distinct approach to care by AONN+ and was given their 2023 Catch of the Year Award.

Educational Foundation and Personal Touch

With a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Sociology from Ithaca College and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from New York University, Cynthia's educational journey has been integral to her approach of treating the person, not just the issue. Her holistic, patient-centric philosophy goes beyond traditional practices, focusing on the importance of treating the whole person.

Personalized, Comprehensive Care

At ShechterCare®, we prioritize seeing our clients as more than just patients - they are part of our extended family. Specializing in pre and post-op recovery, we focus on whole-body wellness, offering pain relief and restoring mobility and strength, particularly following breast cancer surgery.

Recognition and Excellence

In 2023, Cynthia was honored as the CATCH of the year, recognizing her exceptional contributions to her field over two decades. This accolade is a testament to her dedication and innovative approach to rehabilitation and patient care.

Specialized Services

Our expertise in treating conditions like lymphedema, swelling, scar tissue formation, and shoulder/chest mobility issues is tailored to each individual's needs. Our services are especially beneficial for those recovering from breast cancer surgery, aiming to regain full range of motion and strength.

Cynthia Shechter's Two Decades of Dedication
Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Services

A Unique Presence in Emerson, New Jersey

As the only privately owned physical rehabilitation practice in Emerson dedicated to individuals recovering from breast cancer surgery, ShechterCare® stands out for its specialized focus and personalized care. Our facility, equipped with the latest techniques and equipment, is designed to provide the best recovery experience.

Location and Accessibility

Conveniently located in Emerson, New Jersey, our facility is easily accessible by NJ transit buses and trains. We've created a space where patients can feel comfortable and supported throughout their rehabilitation journey.

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