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Managing Swelling and Scar Tissu

I am Shannon.

"Cynthia Shechter was my occupational/rehab therapist during the hardest days of pain and recovery following a bilateral mastectomy and lymphadenectomies. When I first met her within weeks of surgery and at the beginning of treatment, I couldn't lift my arms from my sides and was struggling with basic tasks that required arm mobility. I also had high risks related to lymphedema and very concerned about managing that possibility.

Cynthia took the most measured steps possible to usher me through the pain and recovery of getting my upper body functioning again, and with great care to avoid lymphedema risks. She took the time to speak with my surgeons and understand the particulars of my complicated surgeries and she treated me like the strong version of myself that she had never actually met before.

Within weeks I was able to open doors, lift a purse and hug my kids. It was a long journey from there, but she restored my motion, my strength and my independence in doing life's smaller tasks on my own. That confidence was a critical part of my recovery.

I couldn't be more honored to recommend her services to any woman or family enduring these challenges. It truly took a village to put me back together, and Cynthia was one of those unexpected gifts in that process who has the talent of both pushing and caring for you in ways you didn't even know you needed.

Wishing her practice and her team all the best."

Empowerment Through Patient Care

Patient Spotlight: Shannon E.
A Journey of Resilience and Recovery

Meet Shannon E.: A cherished patient, a dear friend, and an extraordinary human being.

Overcoming Challenges with Compassion and Expertise

Shannon's journey with ShechterCare® began during a profoundly challenging period, following a bilateral mastectomy and lymphadenectomies. Initially, she faced significant hurdles: limited arm mobility and a high risk of lymphedema were among her most pressing concerns.


Tailored Care and Remarkable Progress

Cynthia Shechter, with her unparalleled dedication and expertise, embarked on a meticulously planned treatment path with Shannon. She closely collaborated with Shannon's surgeons to comprehend the intricacies of her complex surgeries. Cynthia saw and treated Shannon as the strong individual she was, even before they had met.

Milestones of Recovery and Independence

In just a few weeks, Shannon witnessed transformative improvements. Simple yet significant actions like opening doors, lifting a purse, and embracing her children became possible again. Cynthia's guidance led Shannon through a journey of regaining motion, strength, and the independence to manage everyday tasks. This regained confidence played a crucial role in Shannon’s overall recovery.


A Heartfelt Endorsement

Shannon wholeheartedly recommends Cynthia's services to anyone navigating similar challenges. She describes Cynthia as one of the pivotal figures in her recovery - a rare gift who possesses the unique ability to provide support and motivation in the most needed moments.


A Future Full of Hope

Shannon extends her best wishes to Cynthia's practice and her team, acknowledging their significant part in her path to recovery.


Embracing a New Chapter

"Live Life! Here's to new beginnings and the unyielding human spirit," Shannon reflects, embodying the hope and strength found in every recovery journey at ShechterCare®.

Focus on Full Range of Motion and Strength Recovery


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