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Discover the path to recovery with ShechterCare®'s Post-Operative Breast Cancer Care. Specializing in comprehensive treatments such as scar mobilization, pain management, and strength exercises, our expert therapists provide personalized care tailored to your healing journey. Embrace a new phase of wellness and strength with us as you recover from breast cancer surgery.

Post-Operative Recovery at ShechterCare®

Comprehensive Post-Operative Care

At ShechterCare®, we recognize the unique challenges and needs of individuals recovering from breast cancer surgery. Whether or not you've developed Lymphedema, our specially trained therapists are equipped to provide tailored care. Collaborating closely with physicians and surgeons, we ensure each patient receives personalized treatment suited to their specific requirements. Our post-operative care includes a range of therapies.

Our Therapies

  • Scar Mobilization: To reduce scar tissue formation and improve flexibility.

  • Myofascial Release: Aiding in muscle relaxation and pain relief.

  • Flexibility Exercises: Enhancing the range of motion in affected areas.

  • Therapeutic and Sport-Specific Strengthening Exercises: To regain strength safely and effectively.

  • Pain Management Techniques: Focusing on alleviating discomfort.

  • Postural Awareness Training: To correct and improve posture.

  • Endurance Training: For overall stamina and health improvement.

  • Functional Re-education: Assisting in regaining normal movement patterns and daily activities.

Rehabilitation After Surgery
Post-Op Mobility Restoration

Exercise After Breast Cancer: A Path to Healing

Exercising post-breast cancer surgery is not just beneficial; it's essential for a full recovery. Our skilled therapists design individualized exercise programs to address pain, improve mobility, and enhance strength, always within a safe and medically approved framework. Early intervention, especially after surgery and axillary node dissection, has been shown to prevent and reduce the risk of lymphedema. Our approach combines targeted exercises with lymph drainage techniques to optimize recovery.

Inner Strength and Positive Attitude

At ShechterCare®, we believe in the power of maintaining inner strength and a positive mindset during recovery. Engaging in a structured exercise program not only aids physical rehabilitation but also bolsters emotional well-being.

Cynthia Shechter Assisting with Post-Operative Care

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