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Comprehensive Treatment Services at ShechterCare®

Understanding Your Personalized Treatment Approach

Each treatment session at ShechterCare® is uniquely tailored to your needs. We guarantee that every session will include comprehensive manual therapy such as soft tissue work, scar massage, and lymphatic drainage. We prioritize understanding what bothers you the most and use various therapeutic tools to address these concerns.

Pre-Session Preparation

For optimal results, we may ask patients to arrive early to use the visor pneumatic pump. This pre-treatment step helps soften the tissue, allowing for more effective manual therapy during your session.

Personalized Rehabilitation Programs

Our Comprehensive Therapy Techniques

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage: We employ gentle techniques to facilitate fluid movement and reduce limb heaviness. 

  • Exercise Integration: Each session incorporates exercise, starting with stretching to improve mobility, followed by strengthening exercises.

  • Additional Modalities: Our treatments may include cold low-level laser, Hiva mat, pneumatic compression, and more.

  • Individualized Care: As a small practice, we reassess your needs each session, ensuring personalized care.

Addressing Upper Extremity Lymphedema

Our bandaging technique for lymphedema does not hinder the functional use of your arm. We focus on maintaining as much comfort and mobility as possible while effectively reducing swelling and fluid retention.

Lymphedema and Swelling Management
Post-Operative Recovery Treatments

Evolving Treatment as You Heal

The use of pre-therapy modalities, like moist heat or vaso pneumatic pumps, will adapt as your tissue heals and your body recovers. This approach is followed by extensive manual therapy, tailored to your specific needs.

Specialized Care for Lower Extremity Lymphedema

  • Early Signs and Symptoms: Look out for aching, burning, or changes in sock lines, which can be early indicators of lymphedema.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We conduct thorough evaluations, including bio impedance testing and assessment of tissue fibrosis.

  • Support for Surgical Complications: We address issues like hematoma, wound healing difficulties, Mondor’s syndrome, and more.

Scar Tissue and Mobility Improvement
Specialized Breast Cancer Recovery Care

Our Philosophy:
Live with Lymphedema, Not for It

At ShechterCare®, our goal is to empower you to take control of your lymphedema. We strive to alleviate fears and provide supportive care, helping you return to your daily activities with confidence and ease.

Continued Education and Resources

Education doesn’t stop after your first visit. We provide ongoing resources, workshops, and informational sessions to keep you informed about the latest in lymphedema care and management. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge for long-term self-care.

Full-Body Wellness and Pain Relief
Advanced Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment

Commitment to Your Best Life

At ShechterCare®, our commitment is to help you live your best life, even while undergoing treatment. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey with lymphedema is manageable, empowering, and positive.

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